Independent Contractor Agreement Travel Expenses

Claims for expenses incurred on behalf of Mentor Graphics are included in the independent contractor`s invoice. All eligible expenses must be broken down by category on the corresponding account. Documentation Updates are required for all refund items (except baggage handling advice) made according to the contractor`s independent and responsible plan. This is stricter than the current staff responsible for the travel reimbursement plan. However, this is considered necessary for the UAB to be able to defend these costs during the audit, as we do not have the same level of control over contractors as we do over staff. Mentor Graphics will report all travel reimbursements and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expenses for 1,099 recipients. Responsibility for the enforcement of the IRS, whether all of these expenses are tax deductible, rests with the independent contractor. All other independent contractors (for example, consultants. B, universities, computer programming companies, etc. or individuals who do not wish to submit their travel expenses in accordance with the responsible UAB plan) should pay their own travel expenses and include them in their billing fees, as well as their other applicable business expenses.

Independent contractors can make travel arrangements through the travel management company named by Mentor Graphics when travelling on behalf of Mentor Graphics. In this way, independent contractors will have access to mentor Graphics` specially negotiated air, hotel and car rental rates. Independent contractors must provide copies of receipts for all expenses incurred on behalf of Mentor Graphics. Costs that are not covered by copies of receipts are not reimbursed. If the independent contractor provides services for which Mentor Graphics has issued a statement of work or an order with a certain load limit, it is the responsibility of the independent contractor to correct any difference between the actual expenses and the applicable factory or order declaration with the Mentor Graphics Buyer or the contract representative. No payment will be made to third parties (hotels, travel agencies, including UAB Travel Center, car rental agencies, airlines, other people, etc.) on behalf of the independent contractor. TransportFirst-Klasse The fare/air transport is generally not authorized by the independent contractor`s responsible plan unless documents justifyed that this was necessary for medical reasons or because reasonable alternatives were clearly not available. Rooms are guaranteed for late arrivals, but it is the independent contractor`s responsibility to call directly the hotel or service number 24 hours (800) 220-8910 Executive Code of the travel agency: EX27 to cancel a room reservation that is not used. Non-refund costs related to the independent contractor`s failure to cancel a room reservation are non-refundable. The travel plan to be returned to independent contractors is subject to the following provisions. The articles not addressed below follow the same policy as Travel Employee.