Brandon University Collective Agreement

During this hearing, the employment agency found that the university, having rejected THE BUFA`s assertion that it was a union, had to first answer the following question: Is BUFA a union? In a decision of June 16, 1977, the Board of Directors decided that „BUFA is not a union; Whether it is not a collective agreement, if it follows the teaching mission for the administration of the faculty. „f) determine the diplomas, honorary doctorates, diplomas and patents to be issued by the university, as well as the persons to whom they are to be awarded; The registrar of the university or, if there is none, the person performing similar duties is the secretary of the Senate. (g) borrow money that may be necessary to cover the regular expenses of the university until the revenues of this exercise are available and borrow money for other purposes, with the agreement of the Deputy Governor of the Council; b) the mandatory retirement age set in the premium is equal to the age set by a collective agreement. (h) subject to the restrictions imposed by a trust, money owned by the university or held in trust, in any type of property, real, personal or mixed, in the exercise of judgment and diligence that a person would make to prudence, discretion and intelligence in the management of the property of others; The Chancellor is the titular director of the university and, in addition to his other duties, he will award all degrees. At the time, buFA, led by then-President Joe Dolecki, was aiming for an increase of 4% per year for 3 years, a workload likened to other Manitoban and Canadian institutions, and the maintenance of the language in the collective agreement that allowed for a working relationship with the administration, which reflected a culture of equality and respect. These requests would always have the effect of making BUFA members one of the lowest paid faculties in the country. Brandon University (BU) President Dr. Deborah Poff and the BU administration have placed Grant Mitchell, a well-known Winnipeg union lawyer, as their chief negotiator. Under Mitchell`s leadership, BU proposed wage increases that would result in lower wages once the cost of living was taken into account, expectations for increased contact with students and less time for research, as well as many proposed changes to the language and organization of the collective agreement that would reflect a very top-down style of governance among the 240 BUFA members.

It is clear that the two sides were very far apart on these issues, but the negotiations continued during the summer months, without really bridging the gap. Leave (collective agreement: section 39.1.3): in effect until March 31; OC contribution calendar until April 15. Extended Study Leave (Article 24): A worker requests extended study leave from the Extended Study Leave Committee until October 1 of the calendar year in which extended study leave begins. The Extended Study Leave Committee reviews applications annually no later than November 1 and recommends to the CHAIR of the OC candidates for a longer study leave. Permission or rejection of an application for extended study leave is issued until December 1. (j) enter into an agreement with a government agency in Canada to provide assistance to a college or university outside of Canada by providing teaching staff, staff supervision or other means; There would be a chancellor of the university, elected by the Senate for a three-year term. (c) may review the board of directors or the Senate on any issues affecting the university and make recommendations; In order to promote its purposes and objections, the University may lodge an appeal (point 32.2): A worker who wishes to make a claim in Stage 1 of the appeal procedure must do so by informing his designated supervisor in writing no later than 30 working days after the date: a) that he has been informed orally or in writing of the complaint or the circumstance that raised the complaint; or b) which he was first aware of the act or circumstances that led to the claim.